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Sermons on Luke

Luke 1:26-38 God keeps his word Paul Dutton, 2016
Luke 2:1-18 Good News about Jesus for Everyone Chris Jenkins, 2016
Luke 2:1-18 The Real Rescue Paul Dutton, 2016
Luke 2:8-16 The Love of God in Jesus Chris Jenkins, 2017
Luke 2:1-20 Away in a Manger Chris Jenkins, 2015
Luke 2:21-38 Jesus, the long promised Rescuer king Chris Jenkins, 2014
Luke 5:1-26 Our Need for Rescue Chris Jenkins, 2016
Luke 5:27-32Questions for Jesus: Why are you friends with bad people? Ben Andrews, 2014
Luke 5:33-39 Questions for Jesus: What do you think of religion? Bernard Palmer, 2014
Luke 6:1-11 Questions for Jesus: Why do you break religious rules? Chris Jenkins, 2014
Luke 7:1-17 The Power of the Rescuer Simon Poole, 2016
Luke 10:25-37 Understanding the Good Samaritan Bernard Palmer, 2018
Luke 11:1-13 Praying to the Father Chris Jenkins, 2017
Luke 11:33-36 The Eye is the Lamp of the Body Chris Jenkins, 2018
Luke 12:13-21 How to Succeed Bernard Palmer, 2018
Luke 12:22-34 The Futility of Worry Chris Jenkins, 2018
Luke 18:1-8 Prayer: When the Going Gets Tough Paul Dutton, 2017
Luke 18:18-30 How Good is Good Enough? Simon Poole, 2017
Luke 19:1-10True Joy is Free Nick Vagg-Williams, 2016
Luke 23:35-47The Means of Rescue Paul Dutton, 2016
Luke 23:50 – 24:12Risen Rescuer Chris Jenkins, 2016
Luke 24:44-53 Passion for Life Guest Service Roger Carswell, 2014